5 Tips For Giving A Woman Multiple Orgasms

If you want to rock her world and give her a night she'll never forget, here are 5 tips for giving a woman multiple orgasms. Multiple orgasms are simply orgasms that occur one after the other in a relatively short period of time. Once a woman has had one orgasm, she can have another one fairly quickly. Follow these steps to make sure this lovely thing happens.

  1. Create the right atmosphere. It should be romantic, sensual and relaxing. Think wine, flowers, candles and sexy music. Choose a setting with few distractions. Make certain that you are freshly bathed and groomed.
  2. Pleasure her physically to heighten her arousal. This means foreplay, and lots of it. Women need kissing, touching and exploration before they are ready for sex. Tease and prime her body both orally and manually. Focus on touching or licking her clitoris. Insert a finger into her vagina and locate her G-spot as well. These techniques will arouse your woman and make her ready for an orgasm.
  3. Pay attention to what excites your woman the most. Always communicate with your partner to find out what she enjoys and where she wants to be touched. If your touch elicits a favorable response, increase the pressure and the tempo of your fingers and tongue. You will be able to gauge her excitement level from her breathing, moaning and facial expressions. If she loves it, do more of it.
  4. Stimulate her erogenous zones simultaneously. For example, if she likes having her nipples teased and her G-spot rubbed, do both things at once. The intense excitement she feels will lead to her first orgasm.
  5. Be aware that after her first orgasm, a woman's vaginal area becomes sensitive to touch. You will want to continue manually or orally stimulating her in order to give her multiple orgasms, but do so with a far lighter touch than before. When she indicates that she is ready for more, you can use a firmer touch to help bring on her next orgasm. This is a skill which takes some practice, but you will have fun learning how to please your woman.
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