5 Tips For Giving A Woman An Orgasm

If you want to make the most of your time in the bedroom, you're going to need these 5 tips for giving a woman an orgasm. These guidelines will have your partner screaming for more, guaranteed. Soundproof your walls and shut the doors, because you're about to learn some great tips for giving a woman an orgasm she won't soon forget.

  1. Stimulate her clitoris, but don't attack it. The clitoris, believe it or not, has more nerves in it than the entire penis, meaning that it's going to feel everything that you do to it. You want to stimulate it, but you don't want to do too much at the risk of causing it to go numb. Be sure to keep the mood right by giving the clitoris just enough attention.
  2. Rub her body. One of the best tips for giving a woman an orgasm is to realize that there are more parts to her body than just her vagina. Rub her thighs, her arms, her breasts, and stomach. You're going to be doing nothing but sending pleasure signals rocketing into her brain, which will in turn give her the mind-blowing orgasm she's been craving.
  3. Don't rush things. Sooner or later, you need to realize that women like a romantic atmosphere, and one of the key facets of this is giving her the freedom to get to her sexual peak at her own pace. Take things slow, and don't just jump from foreplay to penetration. Wait until she's ready and she'll be going over the edge before you know it.
  4. Try cunnilingus. Using oral sex is one of the best tips for giving a woman an orgasm that you can receive. If you're nervous, be sure to ask her what she likes—she'll love your attention to detail and appreciate your commitment to her happiness.
  5. Tell her that you love her. It may sound stereotypical, but half of the female orgasm experience is in her head. To this end, one of the greatest tips for giving a woman an orgasm is to let her know how you feel, which will then make her more enthusiastic during your lovemaking.

These tips for giving a woman an orgasm will definitely help you and your partner enjoy the time you spend together in your bed. An orgasm, among other things, releases endorphins in your partner's brain, dramatically increasing the pleasure she's experiencing during a lovemaking session. If you want to keep her coming back for more, in more ways that one, be sure to follow these tips on giving a woman an orgasm.

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