5 Tips On How To Beat Wii Boxing

Wii Boxing is a piece of the most widely widely played video game of all time, so 5 tips on how to beat Wii boxing is much in-need. With nearly 70 million copies of Wii Sports floating around the world, the odds of you, the reader, being familiar with the ins and outs of its contents are pretty high. Strangely, you may still be missing out on some of the finer points of the virtual punching and pugilism within Wii Boxing. To aid you, we have compiled a five important tips to take your boxing career to the next level.


  1. Slow and steady. Whether its a hardware limitation or a game mechanic, the Wii simply will not register your punches right if you come out rabbit punching like Muhammad Ali. The best strategy is to follow a very steady pace. The faster the punch the more powerful it will be, but acting like E. Honda won't accomplish much and will probably just make your shoulder sore.
  2. Combos are key. Make sure you are alternating your punches while locked in combat. Even the most basic opponents will get wise if you are throwing the same punch or even the same combination often. Make sure you sneak a power punch in when your opponent is anticipating something else.
  3. Know when to throw them. Knowing the best time to go in for the knockout is one of the best skills to have. If you have your opponent on the ropes and see them going down, unleash all your fury. A barrage of hooks and uppercuts will be enough to take them out once and for all.
  4. Take advantage of the soup cans. The opponents in the earlier rounds are almost ridiculously easy. Use this as a time to find your strengths and best strategies for later opponents. Honing your skills against the games cannon fodder will make you a better fighter when the difficulty ramps up.
  5. Stick and move. After opponents learn that they can actually block and parry your punches, you are going to want to do a lot of dodging. Trying to stand up and just rain blows upon the higher ranked boxers is a good way to book a stay at the Ten Count Hotel. Getting your timing down on bobbin' and weavin' early on against easier opponents will be a life saver when you actually have to use it.
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