5 Tips On How To Catch Better Without Football Gloves

Using these 5 tips on how to catch better without football gloves will improve your ability to catch across the board. Football gloves provide a distinct advantage when it comes to catching a football efficiently and consistently, but knowing how to catch better without football gloves can give you even more of an advantage over your opponents.

  1. Keep your eye on the ball. This is absolutely vital to any successful catch, with or without gloves. If your eye is not on the ball, your chances of catching it become astronomically low
  2. Observe the ball rotation. The speed of the ball rotation determines how tightly you must grip it to ensure a successful catch. The faster the ball is rotating, the firmer and surer your grip must be. If the ball's rotation is not consistent, a successful catch will be even more difficult and will likely require you to shift your grip as you catch the ball, all the while keeping the grip firm and secure.
  3. Don't close your hands on the ball too soon. As the ball meets your hands, the first instinct is to grip it right away. However, gripping the ball too quickly can cause it to pop right out of your grip. Wait until the ball is about halfway through your grip before you close down on it to ensure a solid catch.
  4. Catch with your hands, not your body. Letting the ball hit your body is painful. Pain is distracting and will make it that much harder to secure the ball. In addition, if you try to catch the ball with your body, it is likely to bounce off your pads, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt. Catch the ball with your hands. Once you have a secure grip on the ball, tuck it under one arm away from any opponents.
  5. Be confident. Lack of confidence is the most common reason for an unsuccessful catch. Watch the trajectory of the ball and picture it flying smoothly and successfully into your hands. Know that you can catch the ball and you most likely will.

Using these tips should improve your success in catching a football without football gloves. These tips are also helpful with the addition of gloves to improve your grip on the ball. One additional tip–have fun!

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