5 Tips On How To Win On Slot Machines

Want to know 5 tips on how to win on slot machines? Everyone wants to win on slot machines. The one-armed bandits aren’t just for Vegas anymore, and they’re a favorite with casino visitors ranging from first-timers who don’t feel comfortable at the tables to blue-hairs who take the casino shuttle ever Saturday. We all know that casinos stay open because they keep the odds in their favor. That’s why, more often than not, the best bet is the one you don’t make. However, there are a few things you can do that might just help you win on slot machines. Here are five recommendations:

  1. Grab a small win. The number depends on who you ask, but almost all of the experts agree that a majority of casino gamblers are actually ahead at some point during their visit. Of course, the number of people who walk out as winners is much, much smaller than that. Why? Because no one stops when they’re ahead. If you want to beat the slots, quit when you have a lead. That’s not a route to massive earnings, but it’ll keep you in the black.
  2. Tournament play. Many casinos offer free slot tournaments as a promotion. Your odds of winning one of these events may not be particularly high, but there’s absolutely no down side. When you can win and you can't lose, that’s a darn good bet. Try to win on slot machines in a tournament environment—with someone else picking up the tab!
  3. Play in the right place. Different states have different requirements regarding just how “loose” casinos must keep their slot machines. Almost all casinos will publicly post their percentages and many make a point of being at least slightly more generous than their closest competitors. If you have multiple casinos from which to choose and you want the best possible odds for success, go to the right spot. Every fraction of a percent makes a difference when you're looking for the best way to win on slot machines.
  4. Look at payouts. What does winning mean to you?  Do you need to turn your twenty bucks into twenty grand to be happy, or will a ten percent return on an evening’s investment make you happy? If you’re more interested in stretching your dollar and increasing your chance at some return, choose machines that offer more payout opportunities but that don’t promise huge wins on the top end. That machine that pays $25,000 for a jackpot will inevitably offer fewer (and less frequent) chances to win than a slot machine with a $500 top prize. If you’re playing to make the big bucks, you must accept the fact that your odds of winning something will decrease.
  5. Join the club. Almost every casino will have a slot player’s club. They’ll give you a card you can insert into the machine when you sit down to play. It tracks your play and you can earn a variety of comps based on your play. You might not think of a free buffet as a way to win on slot machines, but it sure beats spending your time with the slots and then going home hungry. Additionally, club members often receive coupons and other special offers that include free play opportunities. It’s hard to see free money as anything but a win!

Remember, they call it gambling for a reason: there are no sure things. You can follow these tips and win on slot machines or you can follow them loose your bankroll. Your odds will be better, however, if you keep these ideas in mind.

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