5 Tips For Inguinal Hernia Treatment

If you experience abnormal pain in your groin these five tips for inguinal hernia treatment will help. Pain in the groin area often means a inguinal hernia. Some will even have a lump in the area. The pain will increase with bending or lifting.

  1. No home treatment. Home treatment is not possible for an inguinal hernia. This needs a doctor’s treatment and care. Contact your doctor. He will have advice on how to treat the pain until you can get care.
  2. Wearing a truss. If the hernia does not seem very serious the doctor may recommend a truss. This garment goes over the hernia to push it back into the body by putting pressure and holding it in.
  3. Open surgery. The majority of inguinal hernias are treated by open surgery. The doctor uses general anesthesia on the area and creates an incision near the area. After that, the doctor will push the hernia back inside and suture the incision together. Complete recovery takes up to six weeks.
  4. Laparoscopy. Another treatment option is laparoscopy. This also involves general anesthesia. The doctor makes three small incisions in the abdomen. Incisions allow the doctors instruments into the body. Then the abdomen is pumped with carbon dioxide. Watching on a monitor, the doctor pushes the hernia back in place and closes up the opening.  Recovery time last about one week.
  5. Prevention. Hernias are not always preventable, but you can take precaution against future problems. Avoid gaining and losing weight quickly, and if you smoke, stop smoking. The coughing can lead to strains that may develop a hernia. Also, avoid constipation, as the straining creates pressure in the abdomen.
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