5 Tips For Kickboxing Workouts

Here are 5 tips for kickboxing workouts that will help you with your training. Even if you never intend to step in the ring, kickboxing workouts alone can cause injury. You need to have protective gear that is functional and fits properly when you perform a kickboxing workout. Decide how many days per week you want to train, and then design your workouts to fit your schedule.

  1. Hit the speed bag during a kickboxing workout. This will help you improve your hand speed and coordination. Hit the bag for three minutes, and then rest for a minute. Repeat the drill for as long as you like, or until your arms and legs tire. 
  2. Use the heavy bag during kickboxing workouts. Make sure to tape your wrists and wear some training gloves before you hit the bag. Much like the speed bag, you can divide your training into three minute rounds. Punch and kick the bag from a variety of angles for three minutes. Rest for one minute in between rounds.
  3. Jump some rope to improve your cardio for kickboxing. You can also run around a track if jumping rope is not your thing. Try to do at least twenty minutes of cardio during a workout. Mix up your speed, to maximize the training.
  4. Do some weight training. This will help you get stronger, and build some muscle to protect you when you spar during a kickboxing workout. Try to lift a few times each week, and work on different body parts during each weightlifting session. Do ten to twelve repetitions with moderate weight for each exercise. Try to do at least three sets for each of the different weightlifting movements you perform.
  5. Spar with a kickboxing training partner. Make sure you have headgear and a mouthpiece before you spar. Work on your strikes with your sparring partner. Keep your guard up, and do not go overboard if you get tagged with a good shot. Sparring is not a real fight, so remember to respect your training partner during each session.
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