5 Tips For Kissing Hot Girls

You’ll want to read these 5 tips for kissing hot girls before you make any moves. Hot girls are experienced, and you’ll need more than a simple lip smack to impress them. As a rule, a kiss will determine whether you’re a worthy candidate or not. You can’t go wrong if you arm yourself with these pointers. 

  1. Suck on a mint. The worst first impression you can give is if you lean in towards her and she takes a whiff of your disgusting onion breath. Avoid the horror by sucking on a mint or brushing your teeth before you even think of approaching a hot girl.
  2. Think variety. It’s not about romanticism or passion with hot girls; it’s about confidence and showing that you know what you’re doing. Demonstrate your expertise by using different kissing strategies. Start by slowly opening her mouth by just using your lips. Be playful by inserting your tongue a little bit and fish for hers. Lick different areas of her lips and nibble lightly on them. Show patience and let her take the lead sometimes.
  3. Use your hands. Intensify the sensation of the kiss by involving other parts of her body in the action. Cup her neck with your hand to bring her closer to you or entangle your fingers in her hair. You can also try cradling her body with both of your arms around her waist as if she’s your property. If you’re confident enough to take it one step further, you can grab her bottom with your hands.
  4. Focus on the target. Hot girls are used to getting what they want, so give them the attention they need. There’s no room for nervousness or self-consciousness, which is completely unattractive. Worst yet, don’t be thinking about the latest football game you saw because she’ll be able to tell if you’re distracted. Instead, focus on the kiss and on showing how confident you are as if you’ve had years of experience with various hot girls.
  5. Transition smoothly. No matter how lost you were in the kiss, act nonchalant afterwards and transition back to the topic you were talking about before the passion started. She’ll be so curious about your experience with other hot girls if you return to conversing casually with her. She’ll wonder what other tricks you have up your sleeve and may take it a step further by inviting you over.
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