5 Tips For Kissing Mature Women

These 5 tips for kissing mature women contain all the information you will need to win the woman you've got your eyes on. Mature woman like to prowl around for young guys. It would be embarrassing to make a mistake while kissi. These ladies will know if you messed up and may not let you forget.

  1. Keep it Clean. This goes for anyone. No girl, young or old, wants to taste your stinky beer and cigarette breath, nor do they wish to share your leftover dinner. When kissing mature women, check your breath and your mouth before you lean in to make your move.
  2. Go Slow. Mature women want kisses that will last. Take your time and enjoy the feeling of your mouth against hers. Pay attention to how she kisses you. If she is moving faster and more passionately than meet her pace.
  3. Keep it dry. Sloppy kisses disgust mature woman. She does not want to deal with slobber and spit stench all over her face. Keep the massive amounts of spits under control.
  4. Watch your hands. Don’t assume it is alright to grab her butt or make your way up her shirt. Proceed with caution. If you feel she is giving you the green light, then go for it, but if she pulls away or moves your hand, then listen!
  5. Ask questions. If you are hanging out with a mature woman, you can bet this is not her first time up to bat. She probably knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to let anyone know. Ask how she likes it. Let her teach you. You will definitely learn something and become a better man because of it.

Most importantly, keep in mind that mature women have already been through the ups and downs of the dating scene. They have confidence and knowledge that most twenty something year olds lack. You are not going to impress these mature women with the same lame tricks.

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