5 Tips For Making The First Move

These five tips for making the first move will help your odds of getting exactly what it is you want. As a woman, it is uncomfortable to watch a man try to figure out how he is going to make the first move and take things further. In most cases, a woman has already decided after meeting a man if she is willing to do the deed. If she hasn’t left the room running and screaming as the mood progresses then she is probably willing and waiting for you to make the first move.

  1. Read the signs. A woman will let you know she is open to being pursued. Wait for her to give you these signs before making the first move. She may start by rubbing against you or leaning towards you. She will touch you in an inviting way like rubbing your knee or the back or your neck. She may also give signs that let you know to slow your roll. She could make it clear she has to leave early or wake up early the next morning.
  2. Come prepared. Seriously, if you don’t have a condom ready to go then why are you even thinking about having sex tonight. Don’t spoil your chances when you make the first move by forgetting it. Also, prep yourself. Clean, shave, whatever it is you need to be fresh and ready for this date.
  3. Location!  If you don’t plan on laying her down on the table in the middle of dinner at the restaurant then avoid making your move until you are in a more suitable environment. For the record, getting busy at dinner in public is not suggested.  The point is, you don’t want to get the green light. Get in the car and head to your apartment to let the magic happen. You run the risk of fizzling out during the drive over.
  4. Start slowly. Even though you may feel sure she is sending all the signals, the last thing you want to do is scare her away by making the first move. Kiss her while running your hands over her body. The neck and back are safe zones. When you feel ready, try for an unsafe zone like her butt or inner thigh. If she tenses up or pulls away, you will know to stop.
  5. Enjoy it. If she is not ready and backs away, don’t get upset and let the night turn to waste. Continue to have fun and try to make the first move again another time.  
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