5 Tips For Making An Inexperienced Woman Orgasm

By reading this article, you will discover five tips for making an inexperienced woman orgasm. There are various ways to give a woman the ultimate pleasure. If your loved one is shy and inexperienced, she needs an understanding lover to help make lovemaking a fantastic occurrence. Ensure that she gets the most out of your romantic encounters by using these five tips for making an inexperienced woman orgasm.

  1. Make certain that she is comfortable and in a relaxed mood. Involve her in as much foreplay as possible before actually having intercourse. It may take the inexperienced woman a while to warm up, so be prepared for a marathon session. Kiss her, nuzzle her, let her know how much you love her. Do not touch her genitals until she tells you it is okay to do so.
  2. Make her feel comfortable being naked. Suggest taking a shower or a bath together and you can continue with more intense foreplay. Afterwards you'll both feel clean and refreshed, and she will be ready for more.
  3. Bring her into the bedroom. Light candles or turn the lights down low. Resume foreplay, and when the time is right, begin touching her genital area, particularly her clitoris. Discover just how sensitive her clitoris is by gently touching, tickling and teasing it. You will know from her sighs or moans if she is enjoying your touch. Listen to her. Ask her to tell you what feels good.
  4. Insert a finger into your inexperienced woman's vagina. You can even insert two fingers, and position your thumb so that it rests on her clitoris. Use gentle and sensual movements to make her feel wonderful new sensations. 
  5. Give her oral sex. She may be shy, but by this time she should be relaxed enough to enjoy your oral loving. Use your tongue to lick the sides of her clitoris. Do it for as long as necessary. This is a surefire way of making your inexperienced woman orgasm.
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