5 Tips For Making Out In A Car

These 5 tips for making out in a car will make your next necking session go more smoothly. As awkward as a backseat can be, everyone ends up there as a last resort at one point or another in their dating career. The key to successful backseat make out sessions is relaxing into your situation. There’s something inherently adolescent about navigating the backseat with a lover and going along with that carefree, footloose feeling will make the whole situation more fun.

  1. Choose a good spot. While post-date kissing often starts in the car as you drop your lady off at her house, the street outside her abode is not the best place to get it on. Before hopping into the backseat to continue what you started, suggest driving to a more private spot so you aren’t disturbed or spied on. Parks are good and so are the dark corners of big parking lots.
  2. Make the car work for you. Knowing how your car can rearrange is never a mistake. Try scooting the front seats forward, adjusting head rests, and moving things off of your back dash to create more room.
  3. Make yourself comfy. If you predict that this evening you’ll be inviting someone into your backseat, casually toss a few sweaters or coats in your car to give you padding later on. If you aren’t trying to keep up a front of the padding being there by chance, pillows and blankets are, of course, the comfiest options.
  4. Be prepared. To set the mood, have your car stereo ready with appropriate music. Even the most awkward situations can become romantic with the right tunes playing in the background. If you’re planning on going farther than kissing, don’t forget to stash your condoms in a handy place, too. You don’t want to get into the heat of the moment and realize you left your rubbers in the glove box.
  5. Make it fun. It's an awkward spot, but if you can both relax into the situation, it can be a fun, pleasurable experience. Don't be afraid to laugh if you get stuck in an awkward position. Have a laugh and let that become part of the fun.
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