5 Tips For Microcar Tuning

A microcar is exactly what it sounds like: a car that is designed to hold two people, and no more than three or four (if you “squish” them in really tight); therefore, their small size means that you will need to approach microcar tuning a bit differently. The tips below will help you determine how to best go about accomplishing microcar tuning.

  1. Consider if it is built on the premise of a small motorcycle, motor scooter or even an ATV (some models are). The way it’s built will determine how it must be tuned.

  2. How a microcar is powered will affect microcar tuning. Some run on liquid fuel, which can include not only gasoline but even propane or natural gas. Further, some are electric-powered, and some are hybrids. Depending on the type of fuel used, there may be spark plugs, fuel injectors, points and other things that will need changing or replacing during microcar tuning.

  3. Engine size and type must be considered. Some microcar engines are actually built on the same design and dimensions as motorcycle and even ATV engines. If this is the case with your microcar, you may need to buy parts specific to those types of engines in order to accomplish microcar tuning.

  4. Part of microcar tuning may include adjusting the suspension. In order to do this, you will need to know approximately how much the car weighs, both empty and with maximum occupant capacity. This information is usually posted somewhere on the car itself, or you can contact the car manufacturer or dealership directly for assistance.

  5. If your microcar is considered a vintage model (over 25 years old), it may be hard to get the parts you will need for microcar tuning. You may have to do some internet research, or again, ask the manufacturer, seller or dealership for help in locating parts.


If you are still unsure as to exactly what a microcar is, a Volkswagen Beetle is one example of a microcar, although there are some models that are even smaller. The majority of them are built on the “bubble” design that the Beetle is built on, although some may be even smaller. In addition, on some of the microcars, the doors do not open out, but rather swing upward.

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