5 Tips For Oral Sex

The 5 tips for oral sex consist of creativity and understanding for your partner. Oral sex is an excellent alternative to intercourse and can be just as fun, if it’s done right. The trick is being open to trying new things as well as keeping up with the tried and true habits of yester-year.

  1. Be present. Even if you aren’t thrilled about giving oral sex, at least pretend like you are. No one like receiving oral sex from a resentful partner. Also, try to get in the mind set that you want to be giving pleasure to your partner. Then, try to give the best oral sex possible.
  2. No biting! Unless it is requested, try your best to avoid having your teeth touch any part of that sensitive area. In order to do this with giving a man oral sex, try using your lips to cover your teeth as you go.
  3. Keep it gentle. Please don’t be too rough. Yanking up and down, inserting in and out, sucking too hard. These are all major turn offs when receiving oral sex. Keep things gentle and smooth–like a whisper.
  4. Fluids aren’t poisonous. If you aren’t a fan of semen, let him finish elsewhere on your body. Keeping poise during the big “O” is important to your partner. Acting as if a part of them isn’t kosher will leave them feeling bad.
  5. Educate yourself. Continuously read up on new tips to pleasure during oral sex by checking online, talking with friends or reading a book about it–it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date. Your partner will thank you for it!


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