5 Tips For Passionate Foreplay

These 5 tips for passionate foreplay can be done by any couple wanting a little more spice in their lives. Foreplay can make the difference in good sex and bad. While a quickie involving little to no foreplay can be fun every once in a while, most of the time, the more passion before hand, the better. Don't be afraid to step out of your box and give some of these a whirl. A woman is much more likely to want more sex when the foreplay is worth the act.

  1. Have a make-out session. One easy tip for passionate foreplay is to actually kiss. Not right before intercourse, but before the sex ever actually gets started. Rock singer Sting has spoken openly about having hour long make-out sessions with his wife on trains, buses and street corners. This intimate contact builds up the tension far before the clothes even come off.
  2. Put in the emotion. Many times the passion dies in a relationship after a couple gets too comfortable with one another. Sex becomes a routine. Take this tip for passionate foreplay and put the emotion back in the bed. Think about when it was all new and let the emotions run wild.
  3. Take your time. This tip for passionate foreplay involves putting the clock in the drawer and forgetting about time. Rushed night time sex often lacks passion due to the stress of needing to get to bed to be able to get up in the morning. Live dangerously for a change and take your time. You can catch up on sleep later.
  4. Dress it up. Another easy tip for passionate foreplay is to put on something sexy. Buy your lady a new piece of lingerie and get yourself a pair of sexy silky boxers and matching short robe. Dress up for each other.
  5. Talk it up. The final tip for passionate foreplay is to talk to each other. During the foreplay stage, let her know how beautiful her breasts are, how her eyes melt you and how the curves of her body drive you wild.
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