5 Tips For Pregnant Anal Sex

The pregnancy period can be one of the most sexually erotic times in a woman's life, and as a result they may need five tips for pregnant anal sex. Casting aside preconceived notions about anal sex can free sexual partners to enjoy all that anal sex has to offer. It is important to remember these five tips for anal sex during the pregnancy and continued enjoyment after.

  1. The first tip on the list of five tips for pregnant anal sex is to remember the lubricant. There are many lubricants available on the market that offer additional sensation, and pregnancy is a perfect time to experiment. It is important to remember that during the pregnancy often hemorrhoids are enlarged and therefore need to be handled with care. Tissue rips and tears can also create discomfort when the anus is not properly lubricated during anal sex and this discomfort can become paramount during pregnancy.
  2. Extreme caution must be taken when having pregnant anal sex. It is very important that once the penis has been inserted into the anus that it is cleaned properly before being inserted into the vagina. If no condom is being used during the process, then the penis must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent infection that can affect the baby. This tip is one of the most important of the five tips for anal sex during pregnancy.
  3. If anal sex is not an enjoyable experience prior to pregnancy, then there is a chance that it will not be enjoyable during pregnancy. While there are many women who state that they enjoy pregnant anal sex better, it is important to remember that the anal muscles must be relaxed for enjoyment. The third tip on the list of five tips for anal sex during pregnancy is to only engage if it feels good. The last thing that a pregnant mother will want to do is to create an additional health issue by being forcing into anal sex.
  4. The fourth tip to remember when listing five tips for pregnant anal sex is that anal sex can assist with times during and after pregnancy when sexual activity would be otherwise impossible or undesirable. During certain points in the pregnancy, and usually six weeks after, vaginal sex can be limited. A healthy anal sex life allows the couple to continue the closeness and orgasms together during pregnancy and immediately after. The thing to remember when utilizing this tip is to proceed with caution.
  5. The final tip of the five tips for pregnant anal sex is to remember is to use the proper condom. Most healthcare professionals agree that using a condom during anal sex is a good idea even in monogamous relationships. The reason is simply hygiene. It is much easier to ensure a sterile environment when entering the anus by using a condom.

When it is an enjoyable act for both parties, pregnant anal sex can be an endless wonderland of sexual excitement. Strong orgasms can be achieved by both parties. While there are many tips, these five tips for anal sex during pregnancy can ensure that anal sex while pregnant is not only enjoyable but safe. Remember to take it easy, enjoy the anal sex, enjoy the pregnancy and realize that experimenting with anal sex while pregnant can be the start of something wonderful.

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