5 Tips For Preparing For Colon And Rectal Surgery

These 5 tips for preparing for colon and rectal surgery will be helpful for anyone who is or knows someone about to have surgery. Surgical procedures can seem scary, but this article will enable you to know what preparations will be expected from you.

Colon Cleansing Your doctor may ask you to drink special solutions that help clean any stool out of your rectum and colon to prepare for colon and rectal surgery.. Although this can cause frequent trips to the bathroom, it is important to follow this step so that the surgeon has a clear unobstructed view once the procedure begins.

Medications Some medications that you take regularly may need to be stopped a few days of a few weeks before surgery. Make sure your doctor knows any medications you are currently using, including over the counter medications and herbal supplements. Some medications that usually need to be stopped when preparing for colon and rectal surgery include Plavix, aspirin, and blood thinners like coumadin or warfarin sodium.

Antibiotics Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic that will need to be taken up until the day of surgery. It is necessary to take these antibiotics as directed, as they help reduce the bacteria in your intestine and reduce the risk of post operative infection.

Shower You may be asked to shower using a special antibacterial soap or cleanser before your surgery. This preparation for colon and rectal surgery also kills bacteria and will reduce your chances of getting an infection after the procedure.

Pack a Bag Although some colon and rectal surgeries do not require an overnight hospital stay, make sure you are prepared in the even that you do need to stay a few days. Your bag should have comfortable slippers, robes, toiletries such as hairbrush and toothbrush,and magazines for you to read.

If you develop a fever, cold, or other illness before your surgery, make sure to contact your doctor. Depending on your symptoms, your colon and rectal surgery man need to be postponed.

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