5 Tips For Prolonging A Male Orgasm

According to sex researchers Masters and Johnson, over half of all men experience premature ejaculation and could use tips for prolonging male orgasm. Extending orgasm is something every man can learn.  Follow the tips below and learn how to extend your sexual prowess and please your partner harder, better, and longer.

  1. Take the edge off. This is an old secret for how to prolong orgasm. Before you have intercourse, masturbate or have your partner fellate you to orgasm. When you are ready to have sex again, you will have much more staying power. You can masturbate several times on the day you are planning on having intercourse. As long as you are still able to attain an erection, the previous orgasms will help you prolong orgasm while you are having intercourse.
  2. Practice. The best way to learn how to prolong an orgasm is to practice on your own and do it often. Masturbate until you feel orgasm is imminent and then stop. Repeat as many as ten times in one masturbatory session. Not only will this help prolong your orgasm, it will increase its intensity once you finally allow yourself to climax.
  3. Meditate. Breathing exercises and guided imagery are big components of Tantric sex, which sometimes includes multiple male orgasms. The idea behind the technique is to train your mind to affect your bodily responses. To do this, masturbate while breathing slowly and meditatively. Concentrate on your body's responses. When you are about to orgasm, slow your breathing and your movement.  At the same time, imagine your sexual energy filling the point behind your eyes, instead of your penis. Let all your energy rush there until you can see light and color behind your eyes. Start masturbating again when you feel the orgasm subside.
  4. Masters and Johnson or Squeeze Technique. When you are about to orgasm, grasp your penis either at the base or at the head and squeeze tightly to kill the orgasm. This shouldn't be hard enough to cause pain. You want your index and middle finger to be on either side of the ridge of the head of your penis and your thumb to press tightly on the other side, just under the head or tightly clamped around the base. Practice this technique until you get it right.
  5. Slow down, stop, or switch. Once you know how to determine when orgasm is near, prolong orgasm by changing what you are doing. Instead of continuing to pound away, slow down or stop your movement until the feelings pass. Another option is to pull out of your partner entirely and perform oral or manual sex on her until you have control again. This continues the sex experience, brings her closer to orgasm, and allows you to gain control.

Tips/Warnings: Practice often. These aren't techniques that will work on the first try. Consider the time you spend on this as sex research. What could be more fun than that? Talk to your partner. If your sex partner knows what you are trying to do, you are much more likely to succeed. Don't be embarrassed. Your partner will thank you for improving your game. Never hold off orgasm or use the squeeze technique if it is painful. If you are experiencing pain, go ahead and have an orgasm. You can happily continue your "research" later.

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