5 Tips For Sake Bombing

These 5 tips for sake bombing will ensure that you have the best sake bombing experience. Sake bombing has been around for some time now. Some drink them for fun, while some drink them for the social experience it offers. No matter what your reasons are, these five tips it will help you get the best experience while hammering yourself with this drink.

  1. The Beer matters– If you’re just an occasional drinker, then make sure you start with something light. Light beers are ideal for sake bombing since you are literally chugging two types of an alcoholic beverage at the same time.
  2. The cheapest is the best– The main reason to drink sake bombs is to get wasted. There’s no reason why you should opt to include “special” sake in your sake bomb. Most Japanese restaurants that offer sake bombs have in-house sake brews that are pretty cheap, make sure that those are the ones you use in your bombing.
  3. Choose the right people– No, this is not a strategy for a start-up company. Sake bombing is a pretty fun social experience. They are usually made by putting a sake on a shot glass, and suspending it on top of your beer glass with the help of two chopsticks. You mix the Sake and the Beer by slamming your fists onto the table until the shot glass falls into your beer glass. Then the next logical step (or illogical step) to do is to drink the brew straight up. If you’re surrounded by boring people, this experience won’t be as fun as you would expect it to be.
  4. Practice makes Perfect– This cliché is pretty applicable in sake bombing. If you’re not used to drinking two types of alcohol at the same time, then you better behave when you go sake bombing for the first time. This drink carries some real punch, and you will literally go home crawling to your bed if you underestimate it.
  5. Do it in style– The “traditional” way to drink a sake bomb is through chanting “Sake.. Sake.. Sake.. BOMB!.” If you want to be creative, you can incorporate Japanese counting or even include gesticulations or hand movements while chanting. Since you are drinking for fun, make sure that your creative juices are up to par to the drink that you are having.
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