5 Tips To Seduce Women

Looking for 5 tips to seduce women that are guaranteed to work?  Look no further.  We have some great tips that will help you to seduce the woman of your dreams. Seducing women is a form of art that very few men truly master.  With any luck, after following these tips, you will be well on your way to be the Casanova of your group.

  1. Make her laugh. Sounds simple right?  Not so.  Sense of humor varies by woman.  Some women find the same immature jokes you do hilarious while another would scoff at them.  You have to know your audience.  Take your cue from her.  If you notice her laughing at an early Jim Carrey, whip out your best goofy jokes to seduce her.  If she leans more towards George Carlin, polish up on your dirty jokes.  
  2. Act like her lover.  Sure you think trying to gain her trust is important to seduce her, but you have to be careful.  If you go too far in gaining her confidence, you will slide right past potential lover to masculine girlfriend.  No woman wants to sleep with a man that is like her girlfriend or brother.  Try to keep things light between you.  Once she starts spilling all of her secrets to you, you are less likely to be able to seduce her.
  3. Practice good hygiene and fashion sense.  There is nothing in the world that works as well in the seduction department as a good smelling cologne.  There are only a few women in the world that can resist the seductive smell of the right cologne.  Throw on an outfit that flatters you, trim your nails, style your hair, and splash on some cologne and you can basically ask for anything.  
  4. Make all the plans for your outings.  Even though most women are fairly independent, they like to be swept off their feet sometimes.  By making plans, you are showing confidence in yourself and an ability to do nice things for her without her prompting you to do so.  Pay close attention to what she likes and incorporate that into your plans.
  5. Buy her a gift.  Even though most women are not materialistic, they appreciate a great gift.  You don't have to spend a year's salary to seduce a woman.  A gift could include anything from a book she said she wanted to flowers delivered to her job.  Those little gestures will win you major points with her.  If you are seriously strapped for cash, make her a gift.  If she likes certain music, make her a mix CD featuring her favorite songs.  This will honestly go even further in your scheme to seduce her than a store bought gift.

In order to seduce women, you have to be smart about it.  Don't ask a woman to sleep with you on the first night.  If she gives you a chance to actually touch her, don't immediately go in for the homerun.  Patience will get you further than anything else when trying to seduce women.

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