5 Tips For Sex After Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery can be devastating to your sex life, but by using 5 tips for sex after prostate surgery, you and your partner can still enjoy intercourse. Many men believe that prostate surgery will end their sex lives, but this is not necessarily true. There are steps that you can take that will allow you to resume an active, satisfying sex life.

  1. Be Patient. It takes time to recover sexual function after prostate surgery. Many men become discouraged and depressed when they cannot achieve an erection after surgery. However, it can take 24 months or longer for function to return. Numerous studies and surveys indicate that improvement in sexual function after surgery is gradual.

  2. Exercise and Eat Right. Not only should you do the recommended Kegel exercises, but you should begin a light to moderate fitness program after consulting your doctor. Just walking for twenty to thirty minutes a day can provide dramatic improvement in erectile dysfunction. Combined with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and weight loss, exercise is an excellent way to improve your overall health and sexual performance. At least one clinical trial has demonstrated that exercise can improve erectile deficiencies significantly.

  3. Seek Counseling. Don't be embarrassed about talking to someone about your erectile problems. Don't wait either. Begin counseling soon after your surgery. Finding a qualified counselor is critical, so contact the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists to find a counselor near you. Bring your partner to the counseling sessions. Her help and support will be critical if you are to regain sexual function and if the two of you are to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

  4. Use Medication. Erectile dysfunction medications can be highly effective in restoring erections to men who have had prostate surgery. Most people are familiar with the PDE 5 inhibitors which are known by a variety of brand names and are taken orally. If these drugs don't do the trick, talk to your urologist about penile self-injection drugs. Called vasodilator medications, these self-injected drugs have a higher success rate than oral medications when it comes to restoring erectile function. The thing is that you often have to ask for these medications since many urologists don't mention them unless the patient brings this option up.

  5. Try a Penile Implant. If time, counseling, medication, and exercise don't resolve the problem, then it may be time to consider a penile implant. An implant requires surgery and is more expensive than other options, but it has a 90 percent success rate in treating erectile dysfunction resulting from prostate surgery. Both patients and their partners report a high degree of satisfaction with penile implants.

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