5 Tips For Sex In A Shower

Here are 5 tips for sex in a shower. Sex in the shower can be exciting and something different to do with your partner. It's not difficult and you'll have a great time trying out new ideas.

  1. Sudsy fun. Getting clean is half the fun for sex in a shower. You can use the soap to lather each other up and give a slick massage, use the shower as an area for foreplay or get an awesome blow job. Your partner may be more willing to go down on you knowing that every inch of you is squeaky clean.
  2. Bring the toys. If you plan to use sex toys in the shower make sure they are water proof or silicone based. For toys like vibrators, there are many vendors that offer water resistant and water proof toys so you don't have to worry about them breaking if they get wet. It is not recommended to use glass toys in the shower due to their slippery nature and the possibility of breakage if dropped.
  3. Choose the right lubrication. If you are having sex in a shower, choose a lubrication that is silicone based so you don't waste lube by it rinsing down the drain. Silicone based lube is much easier to use in a shower and has a thicker consistency that does not wash off with water. If you plan to use soap then you'll want to use your lube first so it doesn't get removed during playtime.
  4. Keep it clean. You'll want to have sex in a shower that is clean and free of mildew. Neither one of you will find it arousing to try to have sex in a nasty shower with hair in the drain. Clean your bathroom up well before you plan to use it.
  5. Try new positions. Standing in the shower can seem like a difficult way to engage in sex but actually, it opens up doors for new positions. Try standing, bending your partner over, have her lie in the tub or lie in the tub yourself and allow her to ride you. There are many possibilities and with a little bit of maneuvering, you can have spectacular sex in a shower.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself with your partner. Sex in a shower doesn't have to be perfect but you'll sure enjoy it while you try.

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