5 Tips For Sharpening Hockey Skates

Many new hockey players and possibly even veterans could use these 5 tips for sharpening hockey skates. These tips ensure that your ice skates will be as efficient and effective at possible after sharpening! Keep in mind before doing this process that ice skates are sharp and can potentially cut you, so don’t go tossing them around!

  1. The first tip is to have someone who knows what they are doing the first time you sharpen your ice skates. They will be there to make sure you aren’t doing anything unsafely that could harm you or someone else. Not only will they keep you from hurting yourself, they can also give you’re their own personal tips about ice skate sharpening!
  2. The next thing you want to keep in mind is basic safety tips. You want to remember to keep a firm grip on the ice skates while you are sharpening them so they do not slip out of your hands. You also do not want to forget to keep your hands and other extremities away from the sharpener while using it. And the final safety tip you need to know is to use goggles when sharpening the skates as to not get any kind of scraps in your eyes!
  3. You should sharpen your skates at a maximum of once a month. This will prevent over sharpening and wearing down your ice skates, but will also keep them as sharp as possible.
  4. When sharpening, make sure the hollow is sharpened to your personal preference. Remember the rule of thumb, the deeper the groove the easier the turns, but also the more friction between the skate and the ice!
  5. Make sure when sharpening your skates that the edges are even. The size of the edges depends on the hollow, but make sure whatever size they are, that the ice skate edges are equal!
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