5 Tips For Starting A Long Distance Relationship

Looking for 5 tips for starting a long distance relationship? No matter how you end up in a long distance relationship, if you follow these 5 tips you will have more fun and enjoy the relationship more.

  1. Get a webcam. Make sure that both of you have web cameras on your computers. By using a high speed internet connection and the webcam, you can maintain the spice in your long term relationship by seeing your partner on the internet.
  2. Make a schedule. Both of you need to schedule time to see each other in person. For some long distance couples, once a month works, while other people can go for longer periods of time. Whatever schedule you agree to, stick to it, and book your tickets in advance so they'll be cheaper.
  3. Pick up the phone. Since you communicate a lot via telephone during a long distance relationship, make sure you always answer your phone when your partner calls. Also, get a hands-free device so you can fold clothes, drive or do other things while you're on the phone with your honey.
  4. Trust each other. In a long distance relationship where you can't pop in to say hello, you need to be able to trust your partner. For some people this is as easy as breathing, and for some people it is a challenge.
  5. Cherish each other. When you have the chance to spend time with your partner, you need to cherish those special times together. When you're together, ignore your phone, email and work as much as possible. Focus on your partner when you're spending time with her so you can create memories to look back on when you're apart.

You can start a long distance relationship by following these 5 tips and communicating with your partner. Relationships take work, an long distance relationships take more work than conventional ones. But when you're with the right person, the work is worth it!

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