5 Tips For Stimulating The Male G Spot

No matter if you are in a new relationship or simply on a hot date, these 5 tips for stimulating the male G spot can prove to be very important information. The male G spot is actually considered to be part of the prostate gland, and unlike most other male sexual organs, is located on the inside of the body.

  1. Place an large dollop of lubricant on the pinky finger that is to be used to stimulate the g spot. This is very important, especially if the man who is receiving the stimulation is new to the act.
  2. Clip your fingernails. This is also very important when trying to achieve optimal results in stimulating the male G spot. You are, in fact, placing your finger in the anus of the man being stimulated–and therefore, it should be of no surprise that long or cracked fingernails can be very painful and uncomfortable.
  3. Communicate. This is especially important if you are stimulating the male G spot on another man who has never received this type of stimulation before. Make sure that speed and pressure is okay at all time.
  4. Massage the prostate with your pinky. While simply touching or pressing on the prostate may be enough for some men, especially those who are new to the experience, others may require a small bit of massage. Slowly and carefully massage the prostate, paying close attention to nonverbal signals from the man.
  5. Practice! As with any type of sexual technique, this is the only way to get good at stimulating the male G spot. Remember that practice makes perfect.
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