5 Tips For The Treatment of Hiatal Hernia

Many sufferers need to know these 5 tips for the treatment of a hiatal hernia. This condition occurs when a part of the stomach pushes through the diaphragm. This can cause food to back up into the esophagus causing heartburn and other ailments. When dealing with this painful illness finding relief is a priority. These five tips are the best treatment for hiatal hernia sufferers.

  1. Treat the Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This can mean various dietary and lifestyle changes that will prevent flare ups and acid episodes and increase comfort. Many over the counter treatments for GERD offer instant relief. Reducing spicy foods is another essential tip to curb the GERD and therefore treat the hiatal hernia.
  2. Another tip for the treatment of hiatal hernia is to chew food thoroughly. As children parent's often advise to not pack your mouth and to chew the food. This was apparently good advice. Properly chewing food and allowing time to digest can significantly decrease hiatal hernia symptoms. Try to chew at least thirty two times. This may seem excessive but remember that, especially with a hiatal hernia, it is best to stress the digestive system as little as possible.
  3. Lifestyle changes may be in order. One of the best of the five tips for the treatment of a hiatal hernia may be to reduce alcohol consumption as well as to quit smoking. The Cleveland Clinic also suggests foregoing caffeine, chocolate, and fatty foods. All of these things can further aggravate a hiatal hernia and work against any treatment.
  4. Try something different. Various experimental foods such as red apples and cabbage have been noted to be an effective treatment for a hiatal hernia. It is noted that cabbage helps with stomach swelling and other forms of stomach aggravation. Likewise red apples have been touted by some as a miracle cure for stomach ailments, in particular hiatal hernia. Be sure to remember to eat any foods in smaller amounts.
  5. Finally when all else fails a treatment for a hiatal hernia can be surgery. During this surgery the sufferer is given anesthesia. The surgeon will either insert a tube a laparoscope, or a endoluminal fundoplication to surgical treat the hernia. The warnings with this method are potential complications from surgery or the return of the hiatal hernia. Yet when it is a life threatening situation this is the only one of the five tips of the treatment of hiatal hernia that will be available to a sufferer.

There are many lifestyle changes such as losing weight that play an integral role in any treatment., Also sleeping with the bed elevated, reducing stress and other tips complement these five great tips for treating a hiatal hernia.. The best tip for the treatment is always to do research. Each individual should determine which treatment method works best. It is only then that true relief can be felt.

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