5 Tips When Getting An Anal Enema

These five tips when getting an anal enema, include couple of the most important things to keep in mind in order to allow for a more successful process. An anal enema can cause discomfort at first, but can provide relief and help remove toxins from your colon. Taking your time, getting comfortable and relaxing will all aid in what would usually be an uncomfortable process. Anal enema's help promote better colon health and boost your energy, allowing you to keep up with the fun things in life.

  1. Create a comfortable environment. Place fluffy pillows to rest your head on and lay soft towels down on the area where the enema will be given. Select an area in your home with enough space to comfortably position yourself on your side or back. Play soft music in the background to allow your body to relax.
  2. Keep the water warm. The water used in an anal enema should be at a warm 98 to 105 degree temperature. Water that is hotter than this may cause cramping and also damage the delicate tissue inside of the rectum.  
  3. Relax your muscles. Before performing the enema relax your anal and abdominal muscles to allow the water to flow freely into the colon. Do a series of breathing exercises and clear your mind to aid in the process of relaxation.
  4. Allow it slide in easier. Use a personal lubricant on the rectal nozzle before palcing it inside of your rectum. Lubricating allows the nozzle to be inserted easier and also prevents irritating the anal tissue and walls. Irritation will cause inflammation, making it harder to insert the nozzle.
  5. Take it slow. Release water into the rectum slowly, by opening the clamp little by little. Small doses of liquid being released into the colon will help soothe the tissue and prevent abdominal cramps from occurring when performing an anal enema.
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