5 Tips For When You Adopt A French Bulldog

Here are five tips for when you adopt a French bulldog. The French bulldog is an excellent choice for people looking for a medium sized, even tempered dog. French bulldogs are great little dogs with lots of personality. They are traditionally outgoing, but not overly excited.   

  1. Always get your supplies set up before you bring home any pet. This includes beds, leashes, shampoo, brushes, toys and food. This is really important especially for minimizing the stress that comes with bringing home a new dog. 
  2. Pick out your veterinarian. You should have your French bulldog’s vet chosen before your dog gets home. Call around and ask for basic prices on things like shots and exams. Figure out if you might have any upfront medical bills that might need to be covered. Does your French bulldog need to get shots, be neutered or just have an exam? These are all initial expenses that you should budget for before bringing your dog home.
  3. Find an obedience class to enter your dog into. This is a great way to get your new French bulldog started in your new home. Your dog will learn things like how to sit, stay, and most importantly, how to see you as a leader. French bulldogs can be very stubborn and obedience school is a must.
  4. French Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat. If you would like to adopt a French bulldog, you should be prepared to keep your dog indoors.
  5. French Bulldogs are notorious for having skin conditions. You should be prepared to give your French bulldog essential fatty acid supplements to promote skin health.
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