5 Tisp For Keeping An Erection

These five tips for keeping an erection involve some simple steps that you can easily do. Getting and staying hard is important for every man, both for their ego and so that they can satisfy your partner. Follow this advice, and your manliness, and erection, will stay hard.

  1. Don’t overdo it. If you give your penis a strenuous workout, you are going to lose your ability to stay hard. One tip for keeping an erection is to lay off the contact for awhile. If you are reaching climax after climax, day after day, the simple work and use of your soldier is going to have him a bit fatigued, causing him to grow soft quicker. If you are hoping to make an erection last, go into your experience with a fresh package.
  2. Keep your mind on the good stuff. The most important erogenous zone is the mind, and one tip for keeping an erection is to stay in the sexual mental zone. If your mind starts to wander to the football game your favorite team lost, the stress your facing at work, or things you need from the grocery store, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose your wood. Instead, focus on images and scenarios that keep you turned on and ready to go.
  3. Stay fit. Keeping in good shape should not be underestimated in terms of your sexual fitness. Keeping your physical specimen in shape, with low blood pressure, low stress levels, and strong stamina, will make you a better lover all and is a goo tip for keeping an erection. It stands to reason that the better shape you’re in overall, the better shape your twig and berries will be in as well.
  4. Keep things fresh. If you are growing tired with your sexual routine, you might find things getting stale and your little soldier getting soft. One tip for keeping an erection is to keep your sex life edgy and sexy. If you and your partner only ever do missionary position sex, dry doggystyle or some 69. Maybe it’s time be really adventurous and bring another person into the bedroom or even experiment with sex play you’ve never considered before. This sort of adventurousness will keep you excited, and hard.
  5. Constant contact. If there’s one thing other than erotic thoughts your penis responds to, it’s pressure and fiction. If you find that you are getting soft, one tip for keeping an erection is to keep the pressure on it, either through your own hand or by continuously rubbing it against your partner. This pressure makes it thinks it’s close to sex, which will get it hard and ready.
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