5 Top Hairstyles for Men

Today’s 5 top hairstyles for men are fashionable and versatile. To get the most out of your hairstyle opt for a cut that you can change and customize to fit any occasion. Here are a few top hairstyles for men that you can pull off at the office and still make fun and funky for a night out.   

  1. Faux hawk. This is one of the newest top hairstyles for men. It features short sides and a long middle section that can be spiked out in a variety of ways. The effect is similar to a Mohawk without the commitment. Since hair along the sides isn’t completely shaved off men with this hairstyle can downplay the longer section when a more conservative look is needed. Make sure your hairstylist takes her time with this one. The hair length should transition seamlessly. A rush job may result in tacky lines.    
  2. Short and textured. Many of the top hairstyles for men in Hollywood are very short. Just look at Jesse Metcalf of Desperate Housewives fame or Star Trek’s Christopher Pine. Both sport fun and textured short cuts. When you want to look more traditional look just run a little pomade through locks with your fingers. For a funkier image try little spikes. Forget to shave and add some five o’clock shadow action to create an instant bad-boy look.  
  3. Surfer Hair. Ashton Kutcher, Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson have all sported surfer hair at one time or another. This cut has been listed among the top hairstyles for men for decades. For a modern surfer look opt for long layered bangs and locks that just meet the shoulders in the back. Use pomade to get a textured, sectioned look like your hair was wet all day. Part your hair in different places for different looks. You can even brush everything back and off your face if you need a more conventional look. Expect to spend a lot of time in the mirror to get this one just right.
  4. Razor cut. Have your stylist use a razor to create long textured layers especially around the face. It’s like a surfer cut but cleaner and shorter. The razor reduces volume while adding texture and movement. Use styling gel and hairspray when the hair is still wet for a soft hold. Hollywood’s Freshman class loves this top hairstyle for men. Fans include Zac Effron, and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford.   
  5. Shaved. Thanks to Bruce Willis the buzz cut is considered one of the top hairstyles for men that are losing their hair. Forget sculpture-like comb-overs and obvious hair plugs. If you start losing your hair up top go head and take it all off. Plus you don’t need gel, pomade or anything else to keep your coif looking great.
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