5 Top Nova Scotia Entrepreneurs

The top 5 Nova Scotia entrepreneurs have earned their empires. In their industries, they plunged into many fields including petroleum, restaurant-ownership, technology, manufacturing and food (among some).

  1. Paul Gauthier is one of the top Nova Scotia entrepreneurs and wealthiest Canadians in the world.He heads the Inktomi Corporation, software company based in California. Gauthier attended the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a degree in computer science and then advanced to his master’s degree in computer science at the University of Berkley, California. As at 2010, at the age of 37, Inktomi continues as a $8 billion dollar company. By the age of 26, Gauthier already numbered among America’s forty richest under forty.
  2. John Bragg has a lot to brag about as another top Nova Scotia entrepreneur. Bragg currently supervises Mount Allison University as Chancellor where he earned his bachelor’s degree of commerce and education. He presides over and serves as co-CEO for Oxford Frozen Foods Limited, the world’s largest farm, cultivating and exporting all-natural fruit. Bragg also has opened a Canadian media company which was started as Bragg Communications but which expanded to Eastlink. He is director of a series of other companies including the TD Bank Financial Group, Sobey’s Inc, Canada Bread Limited and Empire Company Limited. In 2006, Bragg was awarded the National Entrepreneur of the year.
  3. Cyrus S. Eaton is another top Nova Scotia entrepreneur (1883-1979).Eaton was born in Pugwash, Nova Scotia and was affluent throughout his long life (he died at 95), known as an influential businessman, financier, and banker. For several years Eaton stood as one actively involved in political causes. He helped sponsor world peace conferences, spoke out against the American Cold War, and financially supported the cause for restraining the proliferation of nuclear weapon. He assisted in the setting up and supervision of Continental Gas and Electric and prospered on Wall Street. Interested also in nature preservation, he also opened a reserve for protecting endangered species.
  4. As one of the co-founders of Tim Hortons, Ronald Vaughan Joyce aka Ron Joyce, has risen to a top Nova Scotia entrepreneur. Tim Horton accrues more than two billion dollars annually and continues to expand. Born in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, and a motivated businessman, Joyce launched out to own a Dairy Queen franchise at 35 and together with Tim Horton started a donut and coffee shop named Tim Hortons. After his business partner died in a tragic accident, Joyce took the reins of the company, developing food chains and pioneered the establishment of Wendy’s fast food. Joyce currently functions as  a chairman of the Tim Hortons Children Foundation, is executive officer of Sobeys, and has started a new spa resort called Fox Harbour Golf Resort and Spa.
  5. Steven Kelly has won the 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year award in Canada and hence stands as a top Nova Scotia entrepreneur. Kelly founded the Charlottetown Metal Products Limited, manufacturing stainless steel-ware for processing food. Now at age 50, his company Charlottetown Metals Ltd rakes in a lucrative profit. His beginning was not so glamorous. He earned his MBA degree at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, while working as a part time waiter, and has overcome numerous challenges which tested and honed his business acumen.
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