5 Top Road Bikes

Looking for the 5 top road bikes? These are the 5 top road bikes on the market. People have the misconception that all bikes are the same, but in reality they are not. Bikes are built for different surfaces and with different disabilities. With that in mind if you are the kind of person who simply enjoys a nice ride along the street, then these are the five best bikes for you to ride. Here they are.

  1. Trek 1.2– The trek is a classic bike that has been around for a while. Although it may seem simple to the naked eye, this bike was designed to give you a smooth ride that you will remember, which makes it one of the best road bikes on the market today.
  2. Felt F95 Team Issue- The trek was made to give a smooth ride to beginners, but the Felt F95 was made for the more advanced bicycle riders. Made of aluminum this bike is light weight, which makes it attainable to reach speeds other road bikes can not.
  3. Raleigh Supercourse- This road bike was made for racers in particular. This sporty road bike is on the higher end of the spending spectrum, but is worth every penn,y as this is a bike that will not break, and could possibly last a lifetime if treated properly.
  4. Giant Defy Advanced One- This bike is for the most serious bicycle rider, and with a hefty price tag, only serious riders can afford it. With top of the line performance, it is no wonder why this road bike is considered one of the best around.
  5. BMC Road Runner SL One- With a sleek design, this road bike is sporty for the most intense of racers. With a design that is sleek, this bike can ride just as good as it looks, and coming from a brand that is well known, you will be getting your moneys worth for this top of the line road bike.
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