5 Top Telephone Scams

We tend to get phone calls on a daily basis but unfortunately, scammers use one or all of the 5 top telephone scams in order to scam people out of their money. If you want to stop scammers in their tracks, it's payback by spreading the word.

  1. Winning prizes. There is a difference between the legit and the fraud ones due to the legitimacy of the company who claim to give away prizes.. If you do not remember entering some kind of contest, it is a red flag for you to just hang up on them. The people who fell for it are asked for their credit card to pay for some bogus package that they need to purchase in order to win the prize. And before they realize that they were scammed, the scammers already get the funds and ran off with it. No matter what, it is important to avoid this one as one of the top telephone scams of all time.
  2. Get rich quick schemes. The reason why most people fall for it because it sounds alluring to be able to work at home either by selling items on eBay or doing some sales calls. Stay at home moms is usually targeted because they want to stay at home and make money while taking care of the kids. It is one of the top telephone scams since the con artists would be running off with your money by asking for your card information over the phone..
  3. Free listing at Yellow Pages scams. It is targeted at people who have a business. It is consider as one of the top telephone scams because the owners get trick by being ask for some information such as name, address, and phone number. What is also scary is that the scammers are able to change the words by reading a completely different script but they leave the parts where the owners say "yes."
  4. Charities fraud. If you love to give some of your funds to charity, it is best to avoid that call you over the phone since you do not know what they do with the money. However, it is best to avoid this scam which is one of the top telephone scams. The scammers use a non existent charity just to trick you which is best to ask questions before handing out your credit or debit card numbers. Or don't give any at all.
  5. Auto-warranties scams. The funny thing about these callers is that they do not know if you actually own a vehicle or not but they call you anyway. However, it is best to avoid these guys which is rated as one of the top telephone scams because they try to convince you that your warranty is due but they do not mention that your warranty is about to run out. Go to your local dealership where you purchase the vehicle since they could tell you when the warranty will expire on.
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