5 Toshiba TV Troubleshooting Tips

Looking for 5 Toshiba TV troubleshooting tips? Years ago, troubleshooting any television was extremely difficult and required the use of a professional repairman. These days, you can troubleshoot televisions on your own in a matter of minutes in most cases. If you are still experiencing difficulty with your Toshiba TV after trying the below Toshiba TV troubleshooting tips, you should contact Toshiba directly for additional assistance.

  1. No Picture. If your Toshiba TV has no picture, press the Menu button. If the menu appears, there is an issue with your source of TV service (antenna, cable, or satellite). If the menu does not appear, you will need to reset your Toshiba TV. You can reset your Toshiba TV by unplugging the TV for a period of 30 seconds.
  2. No Sound. The best troubleshooting tip for no sound is to make sure that you have not pressed the Mute button on your Toshiba TV. If you have not pressed the Mute button, check the sound on another input, such as a DVD player or video game console. If one of those devices has sound, check the wiring on the device that has no sound to ensure that the audio cable has not become loose.
  3. Blinking Power Light. There is no need to worry if your Toshiba TV has a blinking power light. You can first try resetting your Toshiba TV by unplugging it for 30 seconds. If that does not solve the blinking power light problem, leave your Toshiba TV alone for 10 seconds and then see if it comes on. If your Toshiba TV does come on after 10 seconds, you are in power saving mode. You can turn power saving mode off by pressing the corresponding button on your Toshiba TV remote control.
  4. Closed Caption. With some Toshiba televisions, you can turn closed caption on via your remote control, but for some reason, it won't always go off by using your remote control. Luckily, this is an easy issue to troubleshoot. If you cannot get closed caption turned off on your Toshiba TV, simply go into your menu and look for either Preferences or Setup Menu. Which option you have depends on the Toshiba TV model that you have. You will see an option for turning closed option off in one of those menu screens.
  5. Picture Size. Has the picture size on your Toshiba TV suddenly changed? If so, someone probably pressed the PIC SIZE button on your Toshiba TV remote control. To fix the picture size on your Toshiba TV, simply press the PIC SIZE button until the size you prefer appears on your screen. If that does not solve the issue, go into the menu on your Toshiba TV and check the theatre settings.
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