5 Track Cycling Sprint Tips

To be in position to win, you need all the help you can get, so here are 5 track cycling sprint tips to help you stay with the pack.

  1. Hydration. If you do not drink enough water you will not be in a position to win. Drinking a lot of water is one of the best track cycling sprint tips you can get.
  2. Nutrition. You need to eat a lot of carbohydrates before your track cycling sprint race. Your body needs to be energized and properly fed so it will work at or near its peak performance. You will need maximum output to win a track cycling sprint race.
  3. Maximum Output. Instead of trying to ride all out for the entire race simply try to stay with the main pack. When you are within 200 meters of the finish, then put forth maximum effort. This is one of the track cycling sprint tips that beginners neglect.
  4. Focus. Sprint races tend to be only a few laps so you will need to focus mentally for the entire race. Do not daydream as you are riding as you may miss an opportunity to pass someone who is daydreaming or not completely focused.
  5. Pass and Go. If you get the opportunity to pass a rider, you want to keep pedaling hard as you pass them so you can get enough distance between you and the other rider so they can not use your bicycle to draft. This is a very important track cycling sprint tip that is usually only understood by professional racers.
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