5 Traditional Dishes From Equatorial Africa

Equatorial Africa is comprised of Kenya, Somalia, the Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon and Uganda, so choosing five traditional dishes from Equatorial Africa was no easy feat. Meat in most African cuisine is used to accentuate, not as the main point, but flavor is never lacking. The dishes that made this list are classic representatives of their country of origin.

1. Sambussa. In Somalia Sambussas, known in India as Samosas, are the triangular shaped snacks filled with a ground mixture of herbs, vegetables and sometimes meat. This fried dish from Equatorial Africa is usually served during special events such as birthdays and holidays.

2. Oluwumbo. A traditional recipe of Uganda, Oluwumbo originated as fare served only to royalty. Chicken, peanuts and onions help to comprise this tasty meal that is steamed in banana leaves.

3. Mobake. This dish takes advantage of the freshwater fish in Congo and the large leaves of the Marantaceae plant to produce this local favorite. Congolese cuisine favors local food sources and Mobake is no exception.

4.  Kuku Paka. A chicken course that utilizes a fragrant coconut curry sauce, Kuku Paka is an Equatorial African dish from Kenya. Borrowing Arab and
     Indian influences, this favored dish is usually served over rice.

5. Baked Bananas Gabon. Gabon’s baked bananas dessert utilizes simple Ingredients to compose this national favorite. Bananas are fried in a coating of
    bread crumbs, baked  and then served topped with sour cream and brown sugar.

These traditional dishes from Equatorial Africa are low maintenance recipes that yield highly flavorful results. They are the perfect dishes for the host who has little culinary skills, but desires to impress a date or guests at a special event.

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