5 Traditional Macadonian Dishes

Making five traditional Macedonian dishes are cuisines that you will find to be rich in a wide variety of flavor, imagination and creativity. Macedonian traditional dishes stem from the history of the country and it's atmosphere. Though the country is not rich monetarily, traditional Macedonian dishes are exceptionally fresh, which brings out the extraordinary flavors of the food. The proper use of herbs, spices and the vegetables also add to the flavorful elements of the traditional Macedonian dishes that make visitors take notice. Here is a list of five traditional Macedonian dishes.

  1. Kjebapchinja. The Macedonian dish kjebapchinja is made with beef or veal. Both of these meats are tasty within themselves but what makes this dish memorable is that the Macedonians prepare it with cloves of garlic, pepper, salt, onion, ground mutton and oil. All of these ingredients mixed together in the meat are what makes this tasty dish so popular among people young and old. The grilling of this dish brings out all of the varying flavorful herbs and spices used in the preparation of the dish.
  2. Lamb stew. This popular Macedonian dish is very flavorful, thanks to the rooted vegetables that are used in its preparation. This dish, like so many others, is slowly prepared in a covered pot allowing the cabbage, root vegetable and potatoes used in the recipe to bring out the flavor of the already grilled lamb that is simmering in the stew. Lamb stew is a perfect example of a delicious meal and the basic simplicity that it takes to create such a meal.
  3. Stuffed capsicums (peppers). The ingredients included in a stuffed capsicum recipe are what make this meal a Macedonian cuisine. The peppers are prepared with vegetables and meat, and grilled slowly to keep the flavor inside. This simplistic meal stands out as one of the favorite traditional meals because of the ingredients used for the flavor and how it can be eaten using just the hands.  
  4. Manzik. The manzik dessert is a pastry usually eaten during the Macedonian New Year for good luck. This pastry is prepared with feta cheese and a randomly placed gold coin, which when found in a slice of manzik means that person will have good luck throughout the year.
  5. Burek. Though a pastry, Burek can be served as an hors d’oeuvre or a meal. This pastry dish is popular because of the many different fillings used to create this flavorful dish. The burek pastry contains minced meat, cheese, and vegetables which are prepared by baking or frying. But no matter how it's prepared, the ingredients used in burek will be bring out the overall flavor of the pastry.
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