5 TV Drinking Games

Here are 5 TV drinking games to try at your next party. They will make your TV watching experience better and will allow you to enjoy the show in a whole new way.

Shark Week Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  1. Shark Expert. Take a drink and say you are a drinking expert.
  2. Jumping. Whenever there is a shot of a shark jumping out of water drink until they are back in it.
  3. Nature’s Perfect Killing Machine. Whenever this is said drink for five seconds.
  4. Shark’s are Misunderstood. Drink for 3 seconds.
  5. Jaws. Whenever the movie is mentioned chug your beer.

Family Guy Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  1. Take one drink if: Alcohol is consumed, Peter gets hurt, or Peter says “sweet”.
  2. Take two drinks if: Stewie tries to kill Lois, Stewie does not act like a boy, Brian and Stewie fight, Chris becomes nervous around a girl, or Peter gives Chris bad advice. 3. 
  3. Take three drinks if: Stewie says, “Victory is mine”, Quagmire says “Giggity Giggity,” Quahog news is shown, Brian has a Martini, or Meg is referred to as ugly in some way. 
  4. Take four drinks if: Drawn out scene, Chicken fight, or Evil monkey appears.

Simpson’s Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  1. Take one drink if: Someone is drinking, Homer says, “D’oh”, Maggie falls, Homer says, “MMM (food name)”, or Barney belches.
  2. Take two drinks if: Bart makes a prank phone call, Nelson laughs, or Homer strangles Bart.
  3. Take three drinks if: Itchy and Scratchy are shown, Grandpa is asleep, or Moe pulls out a weapon.  

Entourage Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  1. Take one drink if: Take a drink if Vince is hooking up with someone, Ari yells, “Lloyd”, Ari makes a sexist comment, or If anyone is smoking.
  2. Take two drinks if: Turtle or Drama are hooking up with someone, anyone plays pool or basketball, Drama refers to Viking Quest, or someone refers to Vince as Aquaman.  

24 Drinking Game

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  1. Take one drink if: If Jack kills someone, there is a split screen, there is a summary of events that have happened, or Jack defies orders.
  2. Take two drinks if: Some authority figure shows up, someone is found out to be a mole or traitor, or a main character dies.
  3. Finish your beer if: If final minute does not have a cliffhanger.  
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