5 TV Show Drinking Games

If you and the guys are looking to save a bit of money, do your partying at home with these 5 TV show drinking games. Most TV show drinking games are pretty simple to play: pick a recurring line, joke or image from your TV show of choice, and determine how much someone has to drink when the prompt shows up. The usual actions are sipping, gulping, and chugging your whole drink. Make sure you have your drink in one hand and the remote in the other, and check out our 5 TV show drinking games:

  1. "Hi, Bob": The rules of this time-tested TV show drinking game are simple: when watching "The Bob Newhart Show," take a sip of your drink each time someone says "Hi, Bob." During the show's original run, the game of "Hi, Bob" got so well-known that the writers of "The Bob Newhart Show" started deliberately working the phrase into each episode numerous times.
  2. "Baywatch": The Drinking Game" Bouncing breasts in slo-mo? That's cause for a sip. Diving into the spray on a paddle board? Take a gulp. Shirtless David Hasselhoff? You're probably going to want to chug that drink anyway, so, go ahead.
  3. The Fox News Drinking Game: Take a sip each time each time you see or hear "Fair and Balanced". Drink again when a show's host interrupts a guest. Chug when you see an error in a headline. (Be prepared to chug often.) By the way, this game works just as well with MSNBC.
  4. "Sex and the City" Drinking Game: If you're stuck watching the show, you may as well incorporate a TV show drinking game to dull the pain. Break out the cosmos, and get ready to drink. Have a sip every time some mentions their shoes, a gulp each time Carrie shows up with a new ridiculous purse, and chug whenever one of the stars takes her top off.
  5. sM.A.S.H.ed: If there is one thing that a fan of tv show drinking games can count on, it's that, somewhere in deep cable, there is an episode of "M.A.S.H." playing right now. To play sM.A.S.H.ed, just do the following: when someone says "Hot Lips," take a sip of your drink. Have a gulp each time Radar announces that the choppers are coming. Every time Pierce drains his martini glass, it's time for you to do that, as well. 
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