5 Types Of Girls You Want To Date But Not Marry

If you are a single guy, then pay attention, because there are 5 ypes of girls you want to date but not marry. A lot of girls are great for dating, but some of them just are not marriage material. It is important to know the types of girls that are good for dating, but not marrying, before dating turns into a serious relationship. These are the 5 types of girls you want to date but not marry.

  1. The girl that can not keep a job. This type of girl is usually fun to date, because she always has free time to be with you. However, this is a type you may want to date and not marry because she probably has commitment issues. If she quits a job at the first sign of a problem, then she will probably be out the door as the first sign of a problem in a marriage.
  2. The girl that doesn't like being around children. If she is annoyed as soon as she hears a crying child at a store or restaurant, then she is probably a girl that you want to date but not marry. Even if she is fun to date, if she doesn't like children than you won't want to marry her because she probably won't be good with the children that you could have together after you are married. A good sign that she doesn't like children is if she has younger brothers and sisters or nieces and nephews that she never mentions.
  3. The girl that sleeps around. Ok guys, she might seem awesome now, but when she is walking down the aisle on your wedding day, do you want to be thinking about how she has had sex with half the town. This is a girl you might want to date but not marry because you are probably not going to be able to forget about all the people she has had sex with. If you live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else's business, than you will also have to deal with everyone knowing that you married the girl that has sex with a lot of people.
  4.  The girl that is bad with money. This type of girl might seem like a free spirit when you're dating, but this is not the type of girl that you want to share a household budget with. This is the type of girl that you want to date but not marry because when you're dating she always has money to go out and have a good time, but when your married she will be using the mortgage money to fund her free spirit lifestyle. You don't need to interview your dates on their financial habits, but you do need to pay attention to how they handle money in general.
  5. The girl that has different religious beliefs than you. Having different religious beliefs might not seem like a big deal when you're dating, but it can be a deal breaker in a marriage. This is a girl you may want to date but not marry because you won't want to be fighting about who has the best religion in your marriage. Having different religious beliefs in a marriage can also cause fights about what faith your children will be raised in.
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