5 Types Of Horse Betting Games

Horse betting has many types, but here's the top 5 types of horse betting games. Horse betting could very well be considered a sport. The people that compete put just as much on the line as an athlete. Blood, sweat, and tears are mixed in along with wagers in horse betting games. Horse betting can be a very exciting past time as long as you don't let the betting get out of hand. There are a multitude of horse betting games to choose from. But, how do you know which horse betting games to choose? Well here are the five best types of horsing betting games.

  1. Win. This is probably the type horse betting game that you're most used to hearing about. This game involves simply picking the winner. No fancy stuff, no real odds involved. All you have to do is pick the horse that'll finish the race first. Just pick a horse with a decent name, cross your fingers and hope for the best. You'd better make your wagers low.
  2. Across the board. This horse betting game probably has the best pay out if you win. You bet on if the horse will win the race, place (whether or not the horse places first or second), and show (whether or not the horse places first, second, or third). If the horse wins you get paid out on all three bets you made. If the horse gets second place, you'll win the wagers you made that were based on place and show. If the horse wins third you just win the show wager.
  3. Exacta. The Exacta is a simple horse betting game as well. All you're doing is picking the first two winners of the race in their exact order of winning. This is another game you shouldn't bet too highly with. The odds of picking the order of the top two finishing horses is even harder then picking one horse to cross the finish line. If this game isn't risky enough you could look at a Trifecta (picking three winners in order) or a Superfecta (picking four winners in order).
  4. Pick 3. This particular game has you betting on three separate races. You have to pick the winners of three consecutive races. Yeah, it doesn't sound easy at all. If you're going to blow some green, you might as well go all out.
  5. Quinella. This game gives you slightly better odds at actually winning something. In this game, all you have to do is pick the two winners. the order doesn't matter. You get paid just for picking the two horses that cross the finish line first. Betting isn't easy no matter which way you go, but this game seems slightly more bearable if you have to cough up money.



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