5 UFC Best Comebacks

Do you want to know the 5 best UFC comebacks? These five UFC comebacks shocked the viewing public. They were fighters who were seemingly at the brink of defeat but turned things around through sheer superhuman effort.

  1. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg. After dropping their first encounter, Frank Trigg was itching to even the score. Fighting for the UFC welterweight championship belt, Trigg came out with his guns blazing. The stocky wrestler caught Hughes with a punch and put him down. After landing several more strikes to his downed opponent, Trigg then attempted a rear naked choke. Incredibly, Hughes escaped and scrambled to gain a better position. The champion then lifted the much heavier Trigg and ran across the cage for one of his patented power slams. The impact stunned Trigg and Hughes was able to secure a rear naked choke of his own. Fans were in disbelief as they witnessed one of the greatest UFC comebacks.

  2. Don Frye vs Tank Abbott. For almost a minute and a half, Tank was obliterating his opponent with the sheer power of his fists. Even as Tank was picking his opponent apart with his punches, the fan-favorite Frye still pressed forward, much to the delight of the cheering crowd in this 1996 UFC  event. An accidental slip from Tank was all Frye needed. He quickly capitalized by mounting Tank from behind. He positioned his arm around Tank's throat and forced a tap out seconds later. Frye exited the cage victorious but bruised, battered and bleeding.

  3. Scott Smith vs Pete Sell. Competing during the UFC Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale in front of a rambunctious crowd, Pete Sell caught Smith with a beautiful liver shot during the second round. Scott Smith doubled over in pain and stumbled backwards. Sensing imminent victory, Sell charged forward ready to deliver the coup de grâce. Incredibly, Smith sensed his opponent's plan of attack and landed a perfect strike to Sell's exposed chin. The shot knocked Pete Sell out. The crowd cheered wildly but Smith was not celebrating just yet. He fell to the ground still reeling from the body shot he absorbed earlier. It was one of the most amazing UFC comebacks ever.

  4. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Tim Sylvia. Sylvia faced Nogueira for the interim heavyweight title during UFC 81. The first two rounds belonged to the imposing Sylvia as he peppered the Brazilian with a variety of crafty punches. The start of third stanza saw Sylvia connecting once more with his right hand. The blow dropped the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert. Amazingly though, the durable Nogueira swept his much larger opponent to the ground. Sylvia attempted to get back on his feet when the Brazilian quickly applied a deep guillotine choke. To his credit, Sylvia held on for as long as he could but was eventually forced to tap.

  5. Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen. Months before their championship fight, Sonnen bragged to the media how he would brutally dethrone Silva. To everyone's surprise, the challenger kept his word. For almost four and a half rounds, Sonnen with his wrestling pedigree, pinned Silva to the canvas and used his superior position to punish the champion with an onslaught of punches and elbows. Fans who witnessed their UFC 117 encounter were utterly shocked. As the fifth and final round started, Sonnen took the UFC champion down once more. As Sonnen continued his attack, Silva saw an opening. He slapped on a tight triangle choke. Time was fast running down but Sonnen was desperate for air. After several attempts to free himself, Sonnen threw in the towel by tapping out. Pushed as he was never pushed before, Silva approached his defeated opponent and congratulated him for a job well done.

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