5 Unique Graduation Party Ideas

Here are 5 unique graduation party ideas for your graduating teen. Graduation is an exciting time for teens as they finish high school and embark on their journey into the real world. Why not send them off with a unique memorable graduation party? 

  1. White Hot Party. Summer is the right time for breezy dresses and light colors. Inspired by P. Diddy's White themed summer party, you can have a White Hot party for a fraction of the cost. Incorporate other colors light colors and pastels. Most of your decor should be white or pastels and jazz it up with clear glitter. Mail white invitations two to three weeks before your party to be well prepared. Serve easy finger foods such as mini vanilla cupcakes, sugar cookies and light finger sandwiches. Decorate the room with white balloons, streamers and confetti. Tell you guest to come dressed in all white to have a chic White Hot party.
  2. Academy Awards Party. Perfect for an actor! Mail nominee type invitations, have your guest ushered onto the Red Carpet and have Oscar figurines for party favors. Hire a photographer and asked friends to come dressed to impress. Hire a DJ and dance the night away, while playing an Academy Award winning movie in the background. Keep food simple by putting out cheese and crackers, veggie trays, meatballs and sparkling grape juice.
  3. "Avatar" Party. Throwing an "Avatar" graduation party will be a unique experience in itself. Turn your house into a lush tropical oasis, hang fake tree leaves, plastic flowers and clear icicles. Make a fake Tree of Life to be your main centerpiece and use Christmas lights to make it glow. Make a special tropical punch, fruit trays filled with exotic fruits, vegetable trays and blue cupcakes for dessert! Tell your friends to come dressed in blue. Hire face painters to have special "Avatar" faces painted on.
  4. "Guitar Hero" Party. There is no denying "Guitar Hero" is a huge success. You can have a unique, laid back "Guitar Hero" graduation party in no time. Hook up a couple of Xboxes, pop in "Guitar Hero" and jam the night away. Have competitions to crown the "Guitar Hero" master. Throw a few burgers and hot dogs on the grill and dress up the sides with potato salad, chips, fruits and veggies. Finish the night off with a celebratory cake.
  5. International Party. Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Greet your guest to an unique international graduation party! Pick four to five countries you want to highlight. For each country pick out a food and tradition to search with your guests. Ask your guests to come dressed in attire that would be worn in their favorite international country. Research dishes to make for your party or have guests bring a dish of their choice from their favorite country to share. Make Mexican hot chocolate, bring in your French teacher to give basic French lessons or ask your best friend to demonstrate how to make fresh corn tortillas. The possibilities are endless!

Tips & Warnings:

  • Plan ahead. May and June are busy months for graduation.
  • Don't get too stressed over every detail. Be prepared and things will fall into place.
  • Don't blow your budget. Set a budget from the beginning to stay on track.
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