5 Unique Places To Get Tattoos For Men

Here you will learn about 5 unique places to get tattoos for men. The majority of men get tattoos on their arms, chest, and lower legs or calves. There are other places on a mans body to get tattoos that are more creative. Here are some ideas for unique places to get tattoos.

  1. Be creative – You always see tattoos on arms, why not try just the area around the elbow? You probably can't get tattoos directly on the elbow, but maybe just around the edges or just to the side of it.
  2. Tattoos you step on – Tattoos make are common on calves and lower legs, but have you ever seen one on someone's foot? This depends on how clean you keep your foot, since you don't want your tattoo to look dirty all the time. Some guys like to walk around at least their own home with no shoes, so keep this in mind if you get a tattoo here.
  3. Art on your neck – Get a tattoo on your neck. Very few people have a tattoo there, making it a unique place to get a tattoo. Depending on your style, this could be a masculine form of a choker, or just a symbol on the side or back of your neck.
  4. The intimate tattoo – Okay, maybe not very intimate. Get a unique tattoo on your buttocks, as not too many people have a tattoo on their backside. Put a symbol or writing on your buttocks, or something that you only want someone you feel more comfortable around to be able to see.
  5. An ear for tattoos – People don't get tattoos on their ears very often. You see lots of piercing's all over the ear but not tattoos. Dare to be a little different and get a small tattoo on the cartilage or top of the ear toward the front. If you have multiple piercings on your ear already, make sure it doesn't over shadow the piercings you may already have.
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