5 Unique Retirement Gifts

Your friend or colleague is about to ride off into the sunset after putting in many years of dedicated service prompting you to look for five unique retirement gifts. A party in the retiree's honor has been planned, and you would really like to find that special gift that will show this person just how much you and your co-workers will miss him.  Here are five unique retirement gift ideas that will bring a smile to the retiree's face.

  1. Make a DVD. Videotape the retiree’s co-workers and friends saying goodbye and relating stories and fond memories they have of working with her. Have someone read funny facts from the year the retiree was born and compare them to the way things are today, such as gas was 15 cents a gallon in 1942, and it is now more than fifteen times that price now. Try to find some humorous facts to add, too, such as in 1945, the Academy Awards were broadcast for the first time – on the radio. Not TV, but the radio. 
  2. Put together a theme gift basket. If you know that the retiree is planning to do a lot of a certain activity such as golfing, gardening or traveling, create a gift basket of items that will be useful for or will enhance that activity. For example, if you are creating a travel basket, ask colleagues to each donate a small item such as luggage tags or travel books for the basket. Another option would be for one person to collect money from everyone and buy items to fit the theme to fill up the basket.   
  3. Another unique retirement gift idea is a memory book. Ask colleagues and friends to write a short note that wishes the retiree well or maybe expresses a fond memory of the person. Add each note to a page in a scrapbook and mix in photographs of the retiree and the company. Also, try to have a page or two dedicated to any key projects that the retiree worked on during his career.
  4. Collect money and buy one large gift certificate. If the retiree is into traveling, get him an airline or hotel gift certificate, for example. If he is into golfing, purchase a gift certificate for a round or two of golf; and for an epicurean, find a great restaurant certificate.
  5. Engraved items are always popular. Leave the engraved watches and pens for the company to buy. Instead, pick as your unique gift a monogrammed silver engraved box that the retiree can stash small valuables in, or an engraved piece of jewelry, like a bracelet, for a woman. Glassware can also be monogrammed and a stemware set with the retiree's initials makes a beautiful gift. Look for a store that specializes in personalizing gifts such as Things Remembered, which has stores throughout the United States.
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