5 Unusual Sex Positions

These 5 unusual sex positions are not typically for the beginner. When sex becomes boring or humdrum during a relationship, trying something new such as a new position can put the spice back in place. Try these with caution, as some take a bit of strength and agility.

  1. The Double Doggie. This unusual sex position is typically attempted by those advanced lovers. It involves the woman getting into traditional doggie-style position and leaning slightly forward onto her head. The male then leans over, placing his hands on either side of her hands and placing a foot on either side of her bottom half. He enters her from above. Depending on the length and size of the male's penis, the woman may need to lean farther forward in position. Some women feel this position is degrading and some men find it hard to last. In either instance, an understanding lover will give it a shot.
  2. The X Factor. This unusual sex position requires each participant to lie on their side facing opposite directions in a head to toe fashion. The woman leans slightly forward and the male slightly back. The genitals are pushed together and the legs separated to the forward and back position. Many males find this position difficult to move in while others enjoy the deep penetration.
  3. Wall Squat. An advanced unusual sex position begins with the male standing slightly away from a wall. he bends his knees to form a lap with his back firmly against the wall. The woman straddles across his lap to allow for penetration. The woman and male may both move using the knees.
  4. Upside Inside. This unusual sex position starts with the female laying on her back. With her partner's assistance, she is rolled up onto her shoulders. He knees may be placed on the floor close to her head or held up by the male. The male then stands over her and penetrates downward. This position is good for both vaginal and anal penetration.
  5. The U. A simplistic, but unusual sex position involves each person sitting on their knees facing one another. The woman straddles on top of the male and then leans back. The size of the male may make this position shallow for some.
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