5 Unusual Sex Techniques

Although the term unusual is a loosely used term, everyone will agree these are 5 unusual sex techniques.  When in these unusual sex positions, the bodies appear to be a mangled web of body parts. These unusual sex techniques are hard to perform, but they will offer awesome orgasms for both the man and woman.

  1. Modified Doggy Style. As the woman kneels on the bed with her head resting on the bed. The man straddles her hips while standing and lowers himself into a sitting type position that will allow the penis to lines up with her vagina. He then leans forward allows for a long hard entry from the rear that should offer the right angle to hit her G spot. Once a rhythm is found neither will last very long before the climax.

  2. The Scorpion. The woman lays on her back with her legs spread. The man straddles her chest facing away from her. He slides his legs up so that his feet are beside her head he leans forward. The woman then wraps her legs around his waist and slides her legs up his back. Although thrusting is nearly impossible, circular motions allow for deep orgasms. This position give the woman full access to the mans prostate, testicles, legs, and back.

  3. Climbing the Hill. The man lays on his back, pulls his knees to his chest and points his feet towards the ceiling. The woman straddles the man at his hip ares. She then sits down on the mans legs so that they are butt to butt. The man and woman hold each others forearms and can move in unison or in opposite.

  4. Upside Down on the edge. The woman lays with most of her upper body hanging off the edge of the bed. The man is in the usual man on top position. With the woman's upper body basically floating over the edge of the bed it allows for a variety of different sensations and feeling. The G spot may be easier reached. However be careful in this positions. The blood rushing to the head could cause the woman to pass out or faint.

  5. Rawhide. The woman lays on her belly with her elbows holding up her upper body. The man sits behind her with his legs to each side of her. He then slides  her genitals towards hers and uses her hips to guide her. Her position on her elbows gives leverage to the position. This angles gives the man the perfect position for anal stimulation as well. 

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