5 U.S. Athletes Born In Latin America

These 5 U.S. athletes born in Latin America resemble some of the best athletes seen.  This list is comprised of baseball players, both past and present.  Baseball is definitely one of the top sports of Latin American players, due to their involved system for youths in these countries.  Here are just 5 of many U.S. athletes born in Latin America.

  1. David Ortiz.  Playing for the Boston Red Sox, Ortiz is much-loved.  He is known for his exceptional hitting ability from the dangerous DH spot in the lineup.
  2. Manny Ramirez.  Previously for the Red Sox Ramirez was part of the devastating one-two punch with Ortiz.  Ramirez is known for his dangerous hitting abilities as well, with more postseason home runs than anyone.
  3. Sammy Sosa.  Most notably for the Chicago Cubs, Sosa is a former MLB player.  He is known for his 1998 home run race with Mark McGwire to brreak the record of Roger Maris, which they both achieved.
  4. Pedro Martinez. Pedro is recently retired, most notable for his time with the Boston Red Sox.  He is the fifteenth pitcher to reach 3,000 strike outs, and is known as one of the best pichers the game has seen.
  5. Vladimir Guerrero.  Guerrero is known for his time with the Expos and Angels.  A dangerous power hitter, Guerrero is also known to be rather erratic at the plate, swinging at piches well outside the strike zone.  It is interesting to note that Guerrero, along with all the other players on this list, were born in the Dominican Republic, which represents many Latin American-born players who play in the U.S.
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