5 Useful Tree Climbing Knots

If you are interested in climbing tall trees using rope, then you would do good to know 5 tree climbing knots. These knots you can use to climb any tall tree that you could be interested in. If you memorize these knots it will make it all the easier to successfully climb a tree.

  1. The Figure Eight is a classic knot for the reason that is reactively hard to tie but is very durable and effective. This is probably the first knot you should learn, because tree climbing can of course be dangerous. A strong knot is very necessary for not only safety, but also peace of mind when climbing.
  2. The Blake Hitch knot is a great one for beginners because it is very simple to climb. It does not roll as much as other knots will when climbing, so there is a much smaller chance off slipping of the rope. Just know that this tree climbing knot isn’t as durable as others, so use strong rope for this specific tree climbing knot.
  3. The Double Fisherman’s knot is called that because it was originally used by fisherman to attach to lines together. It is also effective for tree climbing for this same purpose; it will allow you to quickly and easily attach to ropes together. You can also have a sound mind when using this knot, as it is very durable and unacceptable to breaking like a lot of other knots.
  4. The Overhand Bend knot does the same thing as the Double Fisherman’s, but it forgoes durability and strength of the ropes for allow speed. This knot is designed to allow you to drop much faster than many other knots, but really should only be used by advanced climbers as it is, as stated, not as safe.
  5. The Alpine Butterfly knot is a loop knot, similar to the figure eight. It is great for making holds on the rope. It is also good for tying off worn rope that could be susceptible to breaking.
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