5 Valentines Day Ideas For Church Sweetheart Party

If you're in charge of party planning for your church's congregation, you'll want to learn these 5 Valentine's Day ideas for a church sweetheart party. Valentine's Day is the one holiday out of the year that's devoted completely to love, romance and passion. Create a church sweetheart party that welcomes all types of people while also encouraging morality and faith. While you don't want to preach at a sweetheart party, there are ways to deliver both a great message and a great time at a Valentine's Day church sweetheart party.

  1. Give your church sweetheart party a theme. Since it's for the church, you want the theme to be somehow faith-related. There are lots of options. For example, you could stencil 1 Corinthians 13, which is about love, on a poster. Opt to pick just one verse, or put different verses around the party area. You could make the posters pink with red writing, to make it really cute and fitting for the romantic party.
  2. Create a small dance floor and dance cards. The dance cards are part of the old-fashioned system used for dance party attendants; a dance card told the dancers who they would be dancing with for the entire evening, as it listed all the dance partners. Do this for each guest, making sure to put those who are shy, awkward or unpopular with attendants who are outgoing and popular. This will help everybody to socialize. Friendships and relationships may bloom among people who would otherwise have not really talked to one another. Remember to make a play list for the church sweetheart dance that's full of love songs that are not offensive in any way to people of faith.
  3. Create Valentine's Day gift bags for all members of your congregation. Place names on them and theme them to the congregation. For church members who are teens, you want to put information on abstinence or your church's views on young love. Also, make sure that it's not just informational. Put candies and other small gifts in the bags for the party. If a congregation member is diabetic, be sure to put sugar-free candy. Whoever makes the gift bags should consult with someone who knows all the members well. You want it to be a party to remember.
  4. Make it a stag party for all the members of the congregation who aren't married or in a serious relationship. That way, you won't create friction among devoted couples, but you also won't put pressure on the single members of your congregation to come up with a Valentine's Day date. This should be suggested in the invitations.
  5. Make sure to plan for games. Although there is a good chance that simply having music and congregation members together will make up a happy party, you want to have plenty of activities planned. In case some people have trouble mingling, be sure to have games ready for attendants to play. It helps break the ice socially, and it gives everybody a chance to get involved in the partying. Give prizes for winners of the games. They can be as simple as "The Christian Dating Game," where known couples are asked questions about one another, but it's better to have group games, such as drawing games. Make sure to apply the Valentine's Day sweetheart theme to the game as well.
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